Crime Scene Cleaning

Our professional crime scene cleanup team are a highly skilled workforce of specialist cleaners who have a vast experience of crime scene cleanups. With crime scene cleaning being a delicate and very sensitive situation to deal with, this type of work should only be undertaken by specially trained professionals and work must be completed within the strictest of conditions, that’s why our client base rely on us when they need us most from our depots across the south-east of the UK.

The risks associated with a forensic or trauma scene are often quite significant and cannot be ignored. Whether its blood or other bodily fluids left unattended, could cause a possible threat to others health and as such can be dangerous if not cleaned up, this is where the Rainbow International team will excel and clean the scene to the highest of standards.

Most violent crimes or accidents will result in some sort of body fluid spill. We are experienced in crime and trauma scene cleaning and will ensure for a full removal and blood cleanup from an accident or violent crime scene. Rainbow International has worked with the police, social services, hospitals and the transport sector to attend to cells, police cars, public buildings, highways and rail freight or trains in emergencies to ensure body spillages are cleaned up any time of day or night, safely and promptly. Rainbow International is experienced when it comes to crime scene cleaning jobs and will ensure every location is cleaned to the industries highest standards.

Rainbow International provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week emergency incident response service through our national network of branches across the country. This ensures we can be on-site in the quickest possible time to eliminate secondary damage and also to help reinstate the property to its pre-incident condition with a minimal amount of disruption.

Frequently Asked Crime Scene Cleaning Questions

Rainbow International works with many of the UK’s leading insurance companies on their policyholders property claims, restoring properties and areas following crime scenes across the UK.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for crime scene cleaning services here in the UK, we get asked many questions on a daily basis and have listed a few of the most common, if you dont see an answer to your questions please contact us.

Anytime blood or bodily fluids are left behind, a cleanup is necessary. After traumatic situations like unattended deaths, suicides, and homicides, a professional remediation company can help you manage the situation and ensure that the affected areas are cleaned and disinfected properly. Professional services should seriously be considered if a responding law enforcement officer or another government agent recommends it.

Blood is never “just blood”. If you are unsure of or are untrained to handle the situation, please call us.

Health hazards posed by blood, bacteria, and infectious diseases can be serious. In cases of a communicable disease or death or accident where blood is present, there is a risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens (BBP), infectious outbreaks, and structural damage to the affected property. Oftentimes, these pathogens are invisible, making the disinfection process a challenging task for the inexperienced.

When blood spills are simply spot cleaned and treated with a topical solution, the affected area has not been properly disinfected. At best, this cursory surface cleaning has merely suppressed the lingering bacteria; at worst, it may have missed entire sections where the blood or fluid have pooled underneath carpets or floors. This causes two issues: the likely return of unpleasant odours and the growth of additional bacterial colonies. Get the professional help you need today.

We provide emergency response services to the police, NHS, private healthcare, families, homeowners, businesses and communities. Each of our customers is treated with dignity and compassion.

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