Antique and contemporary furniture restoration

Rainbow International have over 30 years’ experience.

With time, patience and a lot of hard work, even the most tired and damaged looking piece of furniture can be brought back to life.
We can work on both antique and contemporary pieces, restoring them to their original finish.
On site – or at our specialist restoration centre

Conservation Restoration The conservation of furniture is the synthesis of three major endeavours,

  • The minimisation of deterioration (preservation);
  • The consolidation (stabilisation) of artefacts as they currently exist;
  • Repair/replacement (compensation or restoration) of existing damage.

Preventive conservation is the form of conservation recognised here with furniture care.

Stripping and refinishing furniture is no longer standard practice. An early finish is as important to historic furniture as are any of the other original elements. The finish coating offers important data to researchers and is part of the history of the object and once it is removed, it cannot be recovered. The removal and replacement of a surface finish is considered a last ditch effort after other conservation methods have failed.

Rainbow International provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week emergency incident response service through our national network of branches across the country. This ensures we can be on-site in the quickest possible time to eliminate secondary damage and also to help reinstate the property to its pre-incident condition with a minimal amount of disruption.

Complete Residential And Commercial Restoration Services

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