Sewage Cleaning & Removal

Following a sewage spillage your first call should be to Rainbow International where we can provide immediate assistance and expert advice. Our emergency sewage cleaning specialists can respond to the affected area within 2 hours and provide a detailed assessment of the damaged area.

Sewage spillages not only look and smell unpleasant but it also poses a high risk to health. Rainbow International is a proud member of the British Damage Management Association (BDMA), and we have sewage cleanup experts across the country to help you restore.

Sewage and Floods?

Sewage spills are related closely to flood events. Whether you have a small spillage from a toilet overflow, or if large areas of a building are contaminated due to a blocked/burst stack pipe the Rainbow International sewage cleaning team can assist promptly.

Sewage contamination – Don’t take the risk!

It is highly recommended that sewage damage is dealt with quickly following the event. This is for a number of reasons which are not just health related.

A building exposed to sewage water will become weakened and potentially expand if it contrains wooden beams or supports. If the property is not dried correctly and quickly bad odours and fungal growth could be supported by the sewage affected construction which has an adverse impact to your health and others around you.

This will have the effect of increasing the cost of repair to the building and prevent carpets or any redecoration being carried out.

It should not be underestimated that drying a building correctly is key to reducing secondary damage and denying an environment for bacteria and viruses to survive.

2 Hour Emergency Sewage Damage Response

With over 60 branches located nationwide you can rest assured knowing you have a professional available when you need one within just 2 hours. 

Rainbow International has over 25 years experience in Sewage Damage Restoration and Water Damage Clean Up from leaking plumbing installations, has a wealth of technical expertise and knowledge, and is used by many of the UK’s major insurance companies on their domestic and commercial policyholder’s claims. A professional clean up following water damage is essential to ensure the integrity of your property is maintained.

  • Emergency 24 hour Call Out
  • Buildings & Contents Restoration
  • Water Extraction & Removal Of Flood Water
  • Domestic & Commercial Restoration
  • Complete Flood Damage Restoration
  • Drying & Sanitising Of Carpets & Furnishings
  • Controlled Waste Disposal
  • Cleaning Up After Floods
  • Over 60 Branches Across The UK
  • Drying Of Buildings On-Site & Off-Site Drying

Rainbow International provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week emergency incident response service through our national network of branches across the country. This ensures we can be on-site in the quickest possible time to eliminate secondary damage and also to help reinstate the property to its pre-incident condition with a minimal amount of disruption.

Frequently Asked Flood Damage Restoration Questions

Rainbow International works with many of the UK’s leading insurance companies on their policyholders property claims, restoring property following flood, escape of water or fire across the UK in tens of thousands of homes each year.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Flood Restoration services here in the UK, we get asked many questions on a daily basis and have listed a few of the most common, if you dont see an answer to your questions please contact us.

Where there’s water damage, there’s always a risk that mould will start growing. In fact, you only have 48-72 hours to get your property dry. That’s not a lot of time, and it will be difficult to do without professional drying equipment that is used correctly. The sooner you can get started recovering your property, the better your chances of a simpler, less expensive restoration.

While you are waiting for our professional flood damage team to arrive, here are a few things you can get started on:

    • Safety first – if the water damaged areas include electrical appliances, stay out of the area. Do NOT put yourself or anyone else at risk of electrocution.


    • You need to stop the flow of water. If there is a burst pipe, turn off the water mains from the stop clock. If there is a leak from the roof, put a container under it to catch as much water as possible.


  • Remove light pieces of furniture, electronics or other belongings out of the path of the water, if safe to do so.

Unless you have access to professional flood damage equipment and experience using it, Here at Rainbow International, we would not recommend it. A professional restoration can prevent mould growth by quickly and effectively removing water and humidity using professional equipment that is specifically designed for this type of damage recovery.

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